Seven Members: One Mission- To establish Delta Chi Theta.

Since March 8, 1965 the Members of Delta Chi Theta have upheld a tradition of dignity and honor. The thirty one members who formed the original Delta Chi’s created a charter which all pledges have upheld since. Accepting around 35 pledges a year, Delta Chi Theta holds to a belief that pledging creates bonds of sisterhood for now and forever.

Picture was taken at the 50th Anniversary Celebrate in 2015 with some of the first members11174933_10203662784641606_708336133745463103_n

“When you are in something worthwhile, it is everlasting”

Here is the pdf for the Augustana Observer announcing the creation of Delta Chi Theta in 1965: aug-1965-03-17-0-001

Delta Chi Theta sisters from Fall ’67 Pledge Class having a sleepover and wine night

Delta Chi’s from Spring 83 and Fall 83 pledge classes at Homecoming 2016


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