Service & Philanthropy Events

Delta Chi is committed to improving our community and our world through service and philanthropy. As a group, we enjoy participating in campus service activities such as: Relay for Life and Dance Marathon. We also look forward to our annual carwash in the fall to raise money for our charity of choice that has a special place in our hearts. Every member is required to do a certain amount of service hours every term which holds everyone accountable to the commitment of Delta Chi’s values.

Walk in Their Shoes 2019

This Fall, we partnered with the ladies of Sigma Pi Delta to host the event “Walk in Their Shoes”, where we raised funds for abuse survivors in the community. We had over 200 people attend, and surpassed our donation goal to family resources in Davenport, Iowa. All of our sisters had so much fun painting, making stress balls and eating pizza together – all of which produced proceeds that went to a cause near and dear to our hearts! Thanks especially to the Augustana NAMI, Augustana Positive Impact, and Augustana Counseling Services for helping us achieve this goal and making this event possible!

img_0267-1Volunteering at the Salvation Army
Just two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Delta Chi Theta’s Royal Neighbors of America chapter volunteered to help out and serve the residents at the Salvation Army’s homeless shelter. Mylaun Griffith, regular volunteer for the shelter, and Amie Badgett had set up the event for us. Along with helping prepare the meal and decorating the room to be more fall-festive, we got to hangout and talk with many of the res
idents which is what I personally find extremely rewarding. It reminds you that homeless people really are just like you and are all not too different from your friends. They just have had a different and possibly more difficult path.

Some of the homeless people can still enjoy themselves and can find joy in their lives even during hard times. This really makes you appreciate what you have in life. Even during the hard times, we have blessings that others may not have which we often take for granted.

This Thanksgiving, do not take anything for granted but have thanks for the things you do have and serve those who do not have. I cannot wait to be back at the shelter to volunteer!

If you want to get involved with the Salvation Army in the Quad Cities or have any questions about volunteering, please call Sarah Hite at 563-324-4808 or email her at
-You can also sign up to ring bells to raise money at this holiday season!

Written by Elise Cather

delta-chi-advertisementOver the month of September, Delta Chi Theta is working hard to raise money for our service partner, the Quad City Animal Welfare Center. During September, Delta Chi’s will be partaking in training that will certify us to volunteer for the animal shelter.  We will aid in completing the jobs that they have little time do like socializing with the animals and exercising the dogs on much needed walks.

Everyone who has or had a pet knows how they all have their own personalities and truly become part of the family. It often seems as though we do not deserve such loyal creatures who love us unconditionally. This is why Delta Chi Theta as a whole feels passionate towards this organization and fundraiser.  Dogs, cats, and other pets are often not spayed or neutered leaving many animals left on the street. By donating and volunteering at shelters that offer homes to abandoned animals and offer discounted neutering/spaying, we can help save our furry friends. The Quad City Animal Welfare Center offers both of these services. They are currently just opened another facility where they still need money buy more equipment and supplies.

Specifically, the mission of the QCAWC is to operate as a shelter for homeless animals, to offer a spay and neuter program, and provide humane education. They are the only full-service, no-kill shelter serving the Quad-Cities area and operate solely on donations.  This is where Delta Chi Theta comes in!

For our annual Fall Car Wash we will be donating all proceeds to QCAWC this year. New to the event this year is a dog wash alongside the car wash. Our goal is to get families and parents more involved by holding the event during Augustana’s Parent’s Weekend which is September 16-18th.

The Car & Dog Wash will be held in Augustana’s Centennial Parking Lot on Sunday, September 18th from 12:30-3pm. We invite you to come get your car washed by your daughter and her sisters. And don’t forget to bring your dog for a bath as well! The event is donation based, and there will be homemade dog treats for sale! Please help us reach our financial goal and help save more animals! Delta Chi Theta hopes to see you there! If you can’t come, please consider donating on our GoFundMe page!

2016 Mental Health Awareness Walk

On May 1, 2016 we hosted a Mental Health Awareness Walk in order to bring awareness and help end the stigma around it as well as decrease the statistics. One of our sisters lost her boyfriend to suicide and inspired us to take action. The event was held at the Carver Center where we walked around the track and participated in several different talks and invited members of the psychology department to help. The talks ranged from personal accounts and struggles with mental health and illness to psychology professors who offered insight into coping mechanisms. In addition, we raised $2500 that was donated to NAMI- the National Alliance on Mental Illness- by selling shirts and partnering with a local restaurant and bar that donated 10% of the proceeds to our efforts. Please take a moment and see why this matters to us and to hear our sister’s story in the video below.

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