Recruitment 2020: Why Delta Chi

“I have found my life long best friends. Without Delta Chi, I wouldn’t have grown into the stronger version of myself that I am now. Delta Chi has been one of the best possible things to happen to me. Without these amazing, powerful girls I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone and I wouldn’t be the best version of myself that I am now”

Summer Sant Amour, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I was voted least likely to join a sorority in high school and didn’t decide to rush until the very last minute. Without D Chi, I probably never would have crossed paths with the girls that have been my strongest support system this year.”

Ben Benoit, Rays Pledge Class ’19

I rushed Delta Chi because during informal rush, I heard other groups say “I knew I wanted to be here because I wanted to be like these girls” and that’s when it clicked. I knew I wanted to be like a Delta Chi girl. They are all quirky, outgoing, positive, hilarious, generous, accepting people. I knew they would bring out all these qualities within myself that I’d been too scared to share with other people. I am so happy to be a part of a group who’s allowed me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be, and feel accepted nonetheless.

Lauren Amelia, Sapphires Pledge Class ’17

“My favorite part of being a Delta Chi is knowing that I will never be alone. If you ever reach out for help there will always be at LEAST one girl that is willing to be by your side for as long as you need!”

Bella Koutsopanagos, Comets Pledge Class ’18

“I love Delta Chi because I feel like it truly is a home away from home.”

Lindsey Sykora, Comets Pledge Class ’18

“From seniors to freshman to graduates, everyone is so close and I can honestly say I love every single one of them. Becoming a Delta Chi changed my college experience, and I am forever grateful.”

Alivia Ranieri, Comets Pledge Class ’18

“I love Delta Chi because these girls are my best friends. From sleepovers, to dinners in the CSL, to running into them on the way to class, these girls have become the best parts of Augustana for me. I know that I am in something that is bigger than myself and I have made friends (and sisters) that will last a lifetime.”

Sarah Schwarm, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I love Delta Chi Theta because it is a group of women that I am proud to be associated with. Rushing turned my three best friends and I into sisters, and pledging gave us over thirty close friends that we know we can rely on. I have met older girls who quickly became my role models because of their enthusiasm, involvement, and ability to have genuine fun.”

Madi Filippi, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“You get to meet so many people and begin involving yourself in so many different clubs and friend groups because of the diversity Delta Chi has among its members.”

Sydney Ion, Comets Pledge Class ’19

“I love Delta Chi because of the nonstop smiles that are created whenever I am with my sisters. No matter what we are doing, I am constantly laughing when I’m around them. You know that blissful, happy feeling that you get when you literally don’t think life could get any better? They give me that feeling.”

Maddie Nelson, Sapphires Pledge Class ’17

“The amount of new experiences, opportunities, and friendships that I have made within a year and a half has been the most fun, rewarding, and humbling experiences I have had here at Augie. The people and memories I have made through delta chi makes me realize that I have never felt more comfortable, confident, and loved by any other group of amazing women.

Sophie Ahlberg, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I love Delta Chi because you can be yourself.”

Olivia Hagerty, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I love how talented, intelligent, and inspiring the women of Delta Chi are. Everyone comes with different experiences and backgrounds and we are able to bond and form meaningful relationships with one another.”

Alo Ochoa, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I didn’t have to put up a front or fake who I was for them to like me. I never reached that level of comfort with any other group, so I knew I had to become a Delta Chi.”

Jessica Miller, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I love Delta Chi because no matter how close you are with someone there are always people there for you.”

Ashley Dehmlow, Rays Pledge Class ’19

“I love that Delta Chi is full of unique women that aren’t afraid to be themselves.”

Margaret Meer, Rays Pledge Class ’19
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