Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army

This past Tuesday, just two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Delta Chi Theta’s Royal Neighbors of America chapter volunteered to help out and serve the residents at the Salvation Army’s homeless shelter. Mylaun Griffith, regular volunteer for the shelter, and Amie Badgett had set up the event for us. Along with helping prepare the meal and decorating the room to be more fall-festive, we got to hangout and talk with many of the resimg_0267-1idents which is what I personally find extremely rewarding. It reminds you that homeless people really are just like you and are all not too different from your friends. They just have had a different and possibly more difficult path.

Some of the homeless people can still enjoy themselves and can find joy in their lives even during hard times. This really makes you appreciate what you have in life. Even during the hard times, we have blessings that others may not have which we often take for granted.

This Thanksgiving, do not take anything for granted but have thanks for the things you do have and serve those who do not have. I cannot wait to be back at the shelter to volunteer!

If you want to get involved with the Salvation Army in the Quad Cities or have any questions about volunteering, please call Sarah Hite at 563-324-4808 or email her at
-You can also sign up to ring bells to raise money at this holiday season!

Written by Elise Cather

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